MPS Monitor is a company based in Italy, a leading developer and provider of printer monitoring software for Managed Print Services.

It was founded in Milan in 2010 from the experience and enthusiasm of a group of IT professionals with many years of experience in the world of professional office copying and printing.

At that time, we only had a handful of clients and a couple of part-time developers, but we already had a very clear vision and a precise objective: building from scratch the best software platform for monitoring and managing print devices and Managed Print Services.

Today, we can say that we have fully achieved this objective:

  1. The MPS Monitor Portal currently manages over 500,000 devices, for more than 70,000 end customers, and it helps over 700 dealers to monitor their fleets, manage consumables, automatically read the counters, and manage completely their contracts, reducing their costs and increasing profitability and customer loyalty.
  2. The solution, in its version 1.0, was tested by Buyers Laboratory, achieving a Gold rating, which positions it among the best products in the world in its category; during 2019 the new version 2.0 will be tested.
  3. It is the only monitoring product on the market that allows data retrieval by means of a multiplatform Data Collection Agent (Windows, Mac, XOA, HyPAS, FutureSmart, RaspBerry).
  4. In 2016, MPS Monitor was selected by HP Inc. worldwide as one of the few monitoring products that integrate the suite of HP Smart Device Services and the HP JetAdvantage Management Platform
  5. MPS Monitor is hosted on the MPS Monitor srl Cloud platform, whose Information Security Management System  is certified according to ISO/IEC27001: 2014 by TUV Italia
  6. MPS Monitor is also one of the solutions enabled for integration with the PrintReleaf platform, which allows customers and dealers to automatically compensate the environmental impact of pages produced through the reforestation of the paper consumed. It is also an Authorized Distributor of the PrintReleaf service.

But we will not stop there: we continue to work every day to improve the software and services that we provide, making them more effective and responsive to users’ needs.

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