MPS Monitor Enterprise Services


The MPS Monitor Enterprise Service is targeted at larger Dealers (usually with more than 400 devices to manage), which require all the functionality and performance of MPS Monitor Cloud platform, with start-up services, integration and support at the highest levels, and with a pay-per-use service, exactly in proportion to the number of managed devices.

Activating the MPS Monitor Enterprise service you will be able to monitor and manage an unlimited number of devices, for an unlimited period. The pay-per-use Enterprise service will be invoiced monthly in arrears, multiplying the number of Managed devices in that month for the monthly fee per-device.

The Enterprise Service includes dedicated Training by our MPS Specialists, to ensure that your team gains optimal knowledge of the MPS Monitor solution, and is able to integrate it at best into your organization.

For HP Dealers and Resellers, the MPS Monitor Enterprise Service includes also the HP Smart Device Services functionalities at no extra cost.


MPS Monitor Enterprise Services Prices

Prices for the MPS Monitor Enterprise Service are provided through a customized offer for each dealer, based on its specific needs, size, location, and services required.

To receive an offer for MPS Monitor Enteprise, please request a Demo; you will be contacted by our local representative for your country / geography, who will assist you during the Demo activation, and will provide you a customized quotation, tailored for your needs.


MPS Monitor Enterprise Services features

The Enterprise Service includes:

  • SaaS ( Software as a Service) License for using MPS Monitor Cloud system;
  • ISO27001, CSA star 2 level 2 & SOC2 type 2 2023 security certified
  • Monitoring and Management of an unlimited number of printing devices
  • Monitoring of a restricted set of information on a number of Unmanaged devices, to the limit of not more than 40% of Managed devices*
  • Training sessions for the Dealer as required to ensure maximum value from the platform
  • EMEA Technical support via phone, email, ticketing system and online chat during CET standard business Hours
  • North America Technical support via phone, email, ticketing system and online chat during standard business hours
  • The Data Collector Agent (DCA) can be installed on unlimited customers
  • The DCA can be installed on Windows, Linux and MAC systems. The DCA can be clustered for added resilience. Embedded DCA solutions are available for specific manufacturers / firmwares
  • The Dealer can give access to the MPS Monitor Web Portal to unlimited users, belonging to them or to their customers
  • Access to all the Reporting tools and Export functions, both for the Dealer and for the customer
  • Access to all APIs, for integration with external systems (ERP, CRM, Service systems, etc.)
  • HP Smart Device Services included at no extra cost.

* The Dealer may classify each device as Managed or Unmanaged, at its discretion, in the limits indicated above. On Managed devices all the functions provided by the system are available, while for the Unmanaged devices only a restricted set of data are available. Unmanaged devices cannot generate Alert, are present only in some specific reports, and are not accessible via API. For Unmanaged devices no fee is charged.


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