Remote printer management and monitoring of professional office printing devices, such as laser, inkjet or multifunction printers, are well-established operational practices, which allow providers of Managed Print Services to improve their business, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Most Dealers (be they resellers of office products, toner and printing consumable distributors, or printer management service providers) base their processes for billing, meter reading, proactive supply of toner and fleet management on Cloud-based software platforms dedicated to the detection and remote monitoring of data from the devices, its management, and generating reports and analyses that allow business processes to be performed very cost-effectively and efficiently.

For the Dealer, it is essential that the remote monitoring and printer management service is based on a reliable, high-performance software platform, which provides simply and promptly all the features needed for an optimized and cost-effective management of the printer and MFP fleet.

It is also in the Dealer’s best interests that the Cloud-based printer monitoring software platform is supplied by an independent company, not tied to any manufacturer of hardware or consumables. This ensures that all brands and models of printers on the market are managed with an equal level of care and reliability, and that there is a maximum guarantee of privacy and confidentiality of fundamental business information, such as customers, contracts, costs, volumes produced and amount of consumables used.

MPS Monitor is a market leader in Managed Print Services, as it provides hundreds of Dealers worldwide with the most complete and reliable software platform for the remote monitoring and management of printers. The new, even easier to use version of MPS Monitor 2.0 is now available, with even more reliable data collection and additional features that improve the management of the Dealer’s business processes.

The key capabilities that MPS Monitor provides to the Dealer are:

  • Remote monitoring of network printers of any brand and model;
  • Data collection from the printing devices;
  • Automated meter reading;
  • Detection of consumables levels;
  • Alert management and reporting of low consumables;
  • Automated management of supply processes for toner and consumables;
  • Management of cost-per-page and toner-based contracts;
  • Automatic provision of contract dashboards, closing balances, timetables, reports;
  • Data integration via API with external systems, like ERPs CRMs, service and ticketing systems, and external databases.

The solution is available as a Cloud-based web service, as a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription, in pay-per-use mode, without any upfront investment in hardware or software licenses.

The MPS Monitor system can be tested very thoroughly by requesting a demo that can be activated in minutes, with a simple registration.

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