The dealers and customers that use the MPS Monitor system can integrate into their applications all the data retrieved from the printing devices, using the MPS Monitor SNMP MIB API service.

MPS Monitor API is the first API service for remote printer management. It includes:

  • Data retrieval via SNMP;
  • Data quality and standardization services;
  • Access to the service via REST API.

MPS Monitor API enables the integration of data related to printing devices monitored within the dealer business applications with great ease. The data to be integrated may be that present in the MPS Monitor Database, namely the device data (Serial Number, IP Address, System Name, Brand, Model, etc.) and the production and consumption volumes (Counters, Consumable Levels and Exchanges, Alerts, Deliveries, etc.).

The target systems can be of any type: Databases, ERP, CRM, Service management systems, Help Desk Management, E-Procurement, and the like. Any system that processes data related to printers and their volumes and consumption can greatly benefit from integrating MPS Monitor data into it.

The MPS Monitor APIs are fully documented and supported by our support service, by telephone, email and through our ticketing system, which can also be activated with the APIs themselves, directly from the customer’s application.

MPS Monitor API is targeted at software houses and developers who develop any type of application for Managed Print Services and for the printing world. All who wish to integrate remote monitoring technology of office printers in their application solutions can use MPS Monitor API easily and cost-effectively.

All network printing devices, of any make and model, which comply with the Printer MIB v.2 standard (RFC 3805) are supported; even the private MIBs of printer manufacturers are fully supported.

MPS Monitor API is available at no additional charge, to all dealers who use the MPS Monitor Portal, so they can best integrate the management of their fleet with their business management solutions and applications.

The MPS Monitor API service is also available by itself to those customers (eg. software houses) who intend to integrate the data into their applications without using the MPS Monitor Portal.

The MPS Monitor API service is designed for those who want to build a hybrid Cloud architecture, to allow users to keep their confidential data about customers, contracts, volumes and consumption within their network, using only the anonymous device data from the Cloud MPS Monitor. Below is an outline of the MPS Monitor API architecture:

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