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Why did MPS Monitor write this eBook?


It can be difficult and challenging

It can be difficult and challenging to objectively assess your current print management solution and decide if it’s time for an upgrade. Yet, without regular assessment, customer service standards can fall, inefficiencies can creep in, and profits can dip.


The print management market is highly competitive

The print management market is highly competitive — make sure you stay ahead of the game. Download our FREE eBook today and keep your print management knowledge and technology at the cutting edge.




What can you expect from our eBook?

Packed with expert help and guidance from one of the industry’s most respected providers, MPS Monitor’s migration eBook will support you on your journey towards a secure, modern, reliable, and fully-integrated print device management platform.
Objectively assess your current print management platform
Learn about the latest developments in print management integration
Get to grips on print device security and defeat cybercriminals
Discover how you could benefit from Universal Print from Microsoft
Develop a sustainable cloud migration strategy for print management
Map out your own ten stage step-by-step print management migration plan

Why should you download our eBook?

Are you delaying your search for a new print fleet management solution because you don’t know where to begin? Maybe it seems like a daunting task? Perhaps you want to know more about cloud-based services before you take the plunge?

32 pages packed with must-read advice on managed print services migration


Objective advice on security, reliability, and integration


Product spec checklist to ensure your service stands out from the competition

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