Customers Need Print Device Security Support

Printers are often the most neglected networked devices when it comes to IT security. Many organisations don’t have formal security policies for print devices. That’s why customers increasingly want MPS providers to ensure each contracted device is managed with security as a top priority.


Critical factors and challenges for print security

  • Old devices or devices that haven’t had a recent firmware update
  • Lack of security policies and procedures across devices and processes
  • Poor security within management tools and applications
  • Maintaining security and data protection regulations
  • Integration with corporate identity standards (AD)
  • Increased uptake of homeworking, a distributed workforce, and predicted long-term flexible working


Are you monitoring print device security?

  • Firmware updates?
  • Ports management?
  • Credentials management?
  • Network protocols?
  • File system access controls?
  • Policy management?


Policy management?

  • Single sign-on for print devices?
  • Strong password and two-factor authentication?
  • “Need to know/need to use” permissions applied?
  • Zero-Trust security for home/remote workers?
  • Have you assessed print device security for your remote workers?
  • How can you better protect print users?


What are analysts saying about MPS Monitor?

“MPS Monitor provides an effective way for channel partners to deliver foundational print security management to their customers. A tool like MPS monitor can detect potential risk through the continual monitoring of devices and support a winder print security strategy.”

– Quocirca

“An example of a comprehensive approach to security in Managed Print Services. Its 2.0 platform has passed security-verification testing performed by independent third parties and is subject to continuous audits.”

– Keypoint Intelligence

Downloadable Security Resources

Security in Managed Print Services is not optional. That’s why we’ve collated these resources to help dealers discover how they can meet print security challenges head-on while creating value-added services and new business opportunities.

About MPS Monitor

MPS Monitor is a world leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for Managed Print Services. The platform is globally recognised as one of the most complete and advanced print management solutions available today. Its unique ease of use combined with reliable data flow, security, and flexibility, make it the ideal choice for any dealer or service provider that manages a fleet of printing devices.

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