MPS Monitor Package Services – Prices


The MPS Monitor Package Services are packaged offers, designed for Dealer of small / medium size (<400 devices), who need a solution to the problems of automatic meter reading and / or consumables management on print devices, with a fixed monthly cost and with a simple and economic approach.

They do not require any Startup one-time fee; each Package includes the full MPS Monitor Service for a maximum number of devices monitored and for a defined number of months. To calculate the total cost of the Package, multiply the monthly price for the number of months of duration. No other cost applies.

The activation of a Package allows to monitor and control up to the maximum number of devices for that package and duration. When the package expires, the Dealer can renew on the same terms, switch to a different package, or stop the service.

Package Code Package Description
Maximun number of Managed devices Package Monthly Price
Package duration  
MPSPK1H03M Mini Cloud 3 Months 100 150,00€/month 3 Months Request Demo
MPSPK2H03M Small Cloud 3 Months 200 250,00€/month 3 Months Request Demo
MPSPK4H03M Standard Cloud  3 Months 400 350,00€/month 3 Months Request Demo
MPSPK1H06M Mini Cloud 6 Months 100 127,50€/month 6 Months Request Demo
MPSPK2H06M Small Cloud 6 Months 200 212,50€/month 6 Months Request Demo
MPSPK4H06M Standard Cloud  6 Months 400 297,50€/month 6 Months Request Demo
MPSPK1H12M Mini Cloud 12 Months 100 112,50€/month 12 Months Request Demo
MPSPK2H12M Small Cloud 12 Months 200 187,50€/month 12 Months Request Demo
MPSPK4H12M Standard Cloud  12 Months 400 262,50€/month 12 Months Request Demo

By requesting a Demo for a package, you can use the MPS Monitor service for free for the period of the Demo.

At the end on the Demo period, you will be able to choose if you wish to continue using MPS Monitor by buying a Package or Enterprise subscription, so that you can keep all the data that you will have into your area for the Demo. If you decide not to buy any subscription, the Demo area will be canceled without any charge to you.

MPS Monitor Package Service features

The Package Service includes:

  • SaaS ( Software as a Service) License for using MPS Monitor Cloud system
  • Monitoring and Management of the maximum number of printing devices for that package, and for the package duration timeframe
  • Monitoring of a restricted set of information on a number of Unmanaged devices*, to the limit of not more than 40% of the total for the Package
  • Technical support via phone, email, ticketing system and online chat, in English, during CET standard business hours
  • The eXplorer DCA Agent can be installed on unlimited customers
  • The Dealer can give access to the MPS Monitor Web Portal to unlimited users, belonging to him or to his customers
  • Access to all the Reporting tools and Export functions, both for the Dealer and for the customer
  • Access to all APIs, for integration with external systems ( ERP, CRM, Service systems, ….)

 The MPS Monitor Package Services are invoiced in advance, at the Package activation. Prices in this page do not include VAT, if applicable.

Package Services do non include any remote training activity, that can be requested at an additional cost. If you have specific training needs, please contact us for a customized proposal.

* The Dealer may classify each device as Managed or Unmanaged, at its discretion, in the limits indicated above. On Managed devices all the functions provided by the system are available, while for the Unmanaged devices only a restricted set of data are available. Unmanaged devices cannot generate Alert, are present only in some reportistiche specific, and are not accessible via API. Unmanaged devices are monitored by MPS Monitor at no cost.

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