Buyers Laboratory (now Keypoint Intelligence) is, since 1961, a leading test laboratory in the world of digital imaging equipment. Most hardware and software manufacturers in the world of printing each year submit to Buyers Laboratory hundreds of products for testing and evaluation.

MPS Monitor was tested thoroughly by Buyers Laboratory, and achieved a Gold rating. You can download the full Buyers Laboratory Test Report here.

Buyers Laboratory performs also a continuous custom testing activity on MPS Monitor. This ensures quality and reliability of data collected, also from the most new models of devices.
The MPS Monitor software platform is installed permanently in the BuyersLab operational environments in US and UK. As soon as a new printer is available to the Lab, the compatibility with MPS Monitor is tested and certified.

Buyers Laboratory Lab Test on MPS Monitor

With a Rating of 5 (the highest) on Features & Productivity, and of 4 on all other categories (Usability, IT Admin and Security, Support & Training, Value), MPS Monitor positions itself among the best MPS & Printer Management solutions available in the market.

According to Buyers Laboratory’s evaluation:

  • “MPS Monitor has many of the features expected of a managed print services (MPS) system.”
  • “Like the very best MPS solutions, MPS Monitor can pull data from printers’ public and private management information bases (MIBs)”
  • “Dealers can view detailed information on meters and consumables levels for almost every printer and MFP, regardless of brand.”
  • “This elevates MPS Monitor above most OEM MPS solutions, as these typically only report information from other brands’ public MIBs”
  • “MPS Monitor reports a wealth of granular data to dealers”
  • “The dashboard helps dealers quickly resolve issues and assist their customers.”
  • “A neat feature is the ability to schedule billing alerts in a calendar”
  • “MPS Monitor is a good solution that will fit the bill for dealers”

Download the full Buyers Laboratory Test Report here

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