MPS Monitor system highlights

Implementation of  for Cost Per Page Contracts, Pay Per Use or Managed Print Services:

  • Visibility: Immediate reports on the contracts and the fleet, with concrete data and historical analyses updated in real time
  • Efficiency: Simplification of the management processes and the delivery of consumables
  • Transparency: Data on costs and consumption always available through the web; Clarity regarding charges and invoicing
  • Flexibility: ability to follow the dynamics of the fleet (IMAC) on a daily basis
  • Loyalty: greater stability in the relationship between supplier and customer
  • Operations: optimal management of the Contract in all its operational and economic aspects


Asset Management for Printers, Consumption and Volumes:

  • Complete monitoring in real time of the installed fleet
  • Elimination of stocks of consumables at the customer’s premises
  • Elimination of waste of consumables due to poor use, end of life of the devices, overstocking, etc.
  • Availability of historical data on print volumes, alerts, handling and use of consumables for each device
  • Immediate availability of all data useful for planning changes or revisions of the fleet, consolidating devices, reviewing contracts
  • Extreme simplicity of deployment
  • No impact on the customer’s IT infrastructure, thanks to the Cloud computing architecture
  • “Green”: positive impact on the Sustainability Report thanks to the reduction of consumption and waste


Control of Costs, Revenues, Uses, Operations:

  • Predictability of volumes and consumption, and continuous comparison between forecasts and actual consumption
  • Totally automated management of the consumable supply chain
  • Continuous and timely tracking of the management status of alerts and consumable deliveries
  • Immediate and updated availability of the data for billing pages
  • No need to contact the user or visit on site to retrieve this data
  • Continuous monitoring of the use of consumables, their durations and average toner coverage

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