The eXplorer Embedded Data Collection Agent (Embedded DCA) allow all the printing devices in a company’s or office’s network to be monitored, using a simple Embedded App installed on a multifunction Samsung XOA/E, Kyocera HyPAS, or HP FutureSmart.

If these MFPs are not present, a RASPBERRY PI2/PI3 running Windows 10 IoT Core, or even an Apple computer with MAC OSX operating system can be used.

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MPS Monitor platform fully embraces the concept of the Internet of Printers, applying the IoT paradigm to the world of printers and related consumables: printers are connected 24 hours a day to a Cloud system that manages all operational, economic and ecological aspects. This means the user does not have to worry about tasks related to technical management and bureaucratic or administrative problems associated with the supply of consumables. Moreover, thanks to reforestation integrated services, the pages produced by the printers can be transformed into new trees, in order to compensate their environmental impact.

The use of Embedded Data Collection Agent in MPS Monitor ensures that end users and Dealers experience maximum availability of data, allowing remote management and an efficient and accurate control of all aspects of operations, from page volumes produced to consumables supply and replacement needs, without having to install any software or use resources on the customer’s systems (PCs or Servers).

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