Maximize uptime and profit with HP Smart Device Services integration

Breakthrough, cloud-based HP SDS technology allows you to dramatically reduce your service costs, maximize device uptime, and deliver an exceptional service experience to your customers.

HP SDS integrates into MPS Monitor to provide advanced monitoring and management capabilities on HP devices using Original HP supplies:

  • Increased Service efficiency: use the advantage capabilities of SDS to optimize service delivery and reduce the time of service visits;
  • Remote Remediation: resolve simple device issues quickly without an on-site service visit by using remote reboot, remote firmware upgrade and remote configuration capabilities, directly from the MPS Monitor device dashboard;
  • Diagnose before dispatch: get the critical information you need to fix the problem the first time – including what parts are needed – before dispatching service to the customer site;
  • On-Demand training: get detailed, device specific repair instructions, service videos and part lists inside MPS Monitor system;
  • Supplies Management: turn off low supplies messages and track early cartridge replacement;
  • Backward compatibility: get the benefits of SDS across the HP Enterprise and managed printer fleet – even on Futuresmart devices released as far back as 2012.


How HP SDS integrates with MPS Monitor:


HP Smart Device Services integration in MPS Monitor provide a seamless user experience, extending the reach of remote monitoring and management to all of the advanced features available on new and existing HP devices.

All the information, alerts, events and remote actions are available through the SDS Dashboard, fully integrated in the MPS Monitor Portal, where you can monitor and manage all of your devices, diagnose problems, apply remediation, get specific training on issues, and manage supplies.

The MPS Monitor DCA silently installs and manages the HP JetAdvantage Management Connector, to eliminate the burden of managing different monitoring solutions on the same customer.

All SDS functions are accessible in the SDS Dashboard to any Web user from any device, and can be further integrated in any external system using MPS Monitor API.


Global availability

HP Smart Device Services integration in MPS Monitor is available worldwide as a Cloud SaaS solution, in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian


How to access HP Smart Device Services in MPS Monitor

If you are already an MPS Monitor user, you can get the benefits of HP Smart Device Services integration for free on all the compatible HP devices that you will add to your MPS Monitor Cloud, simply by accessing the HP SDS Dashboard in your Portal home page.

If you don’t have an MPS Monitor account, you can activate here a specific version of MPS Monitor that provides HP Smart Device Services for Free up to 50 devices, to leverage the tangible benefits of SDS on your HP fleet, without any change in your current infrastructure and operating environment.

Activate the FREE version – up to 50 HP devices