TT Tecnosistemi: immediate benefits with Smart Devices Services and MPS Monitor

According to TT Tecnosistemi, benefits from the adoption of Smart Devices Services integrated into MPS Monitor were immediate:
they have now access to all information related to the printers installed at the customers with just one click. This allows TT Tecnosistemi technical staff to provide:

  • Device Configuration, which enables to configure all the printers remotely;
  • Remote Remediation, such as the ability to update firmware remotely;
  • Diagnose before Dispatch, allowing to predict possible failures, in order to deliver proactive and not only reactive interventions  with customers.

This all with maximum security and attention to environmental sustainability.

And, as claimed by Riccardo Braccini, Procurement Manager and Gabriele Battini, Project Manager of T.T. Tecnosistemi  this has already led to a 23% costs saving on technical assistance to their customers.

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