The key Market trends for Cloud print services – Quocirca 2021

In a primary research in January 2021 amongst 219 organisations using managed print services (MPS) across the US, the UK, France and Germany, Quocirca highlights:

  • More than two thirds of respondents expect to adopt cloud print management by 2025 and 45% say that offering cloud print services is a key factor influencing their choice of managed print service partner.
  • 39% of respondents report that they have implemented a cloud print management platform, with a further 37% planning to do so in the next 12 months
  • 77% of organisations are already using some form of cloud service to manage at least some of their print jobs, with 21% using cloud services to manage over 50% of the workload.
  • 67% of organisations expect to increase their use of cloud print management, with a further 5% planning to move completely to cloud printing.


MPS Monitor and its platform have been reviewed in depth in the Quocirca 2021 Cloud Print Services Report. Three reference values have been focused:

  • Seamless integration: MPS Monitor 2.0 is positioned at the centre of a deeply connected ecosystem, allowing seamless integration with other cloud and on-premises platforms to increase the value of managed print services engagements, both for customers and for providers.
  • Strong security focus: The company owns and fully manages the cloud SaaS infrastructure. A multi-platform DCA and unique DCA clustering technology ensure continuity of data collection for all customers. For selected brands, the DCA can be installed directly on devices before shipment, or via the cloud thanks to integrations such as the HP SDS Cloud DCA.
  • Business intelligence: MPS Monitor Analytics is a complete business intelligence platform based on Microsoft PowerBI technology. MPS Monitor 2.0 users can create business intelligence reports, dashboards and interactive visualisations to make faster and more effective business decisions based on customers’ and devices’ data, without having to purchase a PowerBI licence, and without exporting or transferring data between different systems.


Going into more depth, Quocirca’ Report highlights a wide series of key features of MPS Monitor Cloud services and solutions portfolio: advanced DCA technology, ERP/CRM/service management integration, embedded BI and analytics, business processes management, integration with Universal Print by Microsoft, integration with PrintReleaf technology, security and regulatory compliance, account authentication and device security.

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