Quocirca’s report highlights MPS Monitor’s capabilities to deliver secure remote monitoring for MPS providers

With the virus still prevalent, 2022 is set to be another uncertain year for governments, economies, businesses and citizens. One thing we can be sure of though, is that security risks and breaches will continue to plague organisations of all sizes, creating disruption and chaos and even fines for those found to be in breach of GDPR best practice. 

Print continues to be a source of potential document-related security breaches, and it’s important that this risk doesn’t get swept away by broader business concerns. In its recent Print Security Landscape 2022 study, Quocirca – the print industry’s leading source of independent market insight and advisory services – identified businesses’ increasing concerns around the risks of printing, and low confidence in the ability to protect the print infrastructure against security breaches. 

There were some alarming findings, such as only quarter of IT decision makers (26%) feel completely confident that their print infrastructure is secure; that’s despite all of the work that has been done to bring potential print vulnerabilities to the attention of organisations. The report also flags how organisations are not keeping up with print security challenges, with more than half (53%) stating that it has become considerably harder to do so; that’s probably driven by hybrid printing which is also flagged up in the report. It revealed that 67% of respondents have concerns centred on the security risks of home printing, which compares to 57% who are concerned about office print security.

There were some promising signs, however. One of which was that organisations that use an MPS are most confident in the security of their print environment. That stands to reason, as MPS providers are laser-focused on delivering security as part of their service offering, taking the responsibility of managing it away from their clients. 

At MPS Monitor, we help our channel partners keep their customers’ information secure thanks to integration with Okta Identity Management which means access to the cloud platform can be allowed using Active Directory Single Sign-ON. There’s also the reassurance of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which can be enabled on any user account, while PII Masking can be enabled to protect Personally Identifiable Information. Additionally, a formal GDPR documentation e-signing process is in place to ensure that PII management is performed in compliance with the EU regulation.

We’re confident that whatever challenges 2022 presents us with, MPS Monitor’s customers can be assured of high-levels of document and print-related security standards all year long.

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