MPS Monitor and PrintReleaf together for reforestation. Goal: one trillion trees

In recent periods it has been evident that nature has benefited from the lockdown measures undertaken worldwide: beyond the unusually clear waters of rivers and brooks, the sightings of fauna in urban contexts or the approach of dolphins to the coasts in the Mediterranean Sea, according to data from the European Environment Agency, PM10 concentrations have decreased across Europe. In the United States, the drop in greenhouse gas emissions was 10.3% and is the most significant since the Second World War. In India, for example, the peaks of the Himalayas became visible again even from 200 km away. Estimates about the decline in global emissions vary, but they all range between 7% (calculated in the Global Carbon Budget Report) and 8%.

These are temporary effects, which however show how a corrective intervention is possible and has concrete effects on the environment in which we live.

MPS Monitor has always been committed to respecting natural resources through the partnership with PrintReleaf, an organization that aims to neutralize the environmental impact of printing processes through certified reforestation projects: 56,393 trees have been planted all over the world up to today to compensate the pages printed through the devices monitored by MPS Monitor. Impressive numbers that quantify the constant and important commitment of the company in collaboration with its commercial partners.

PrintReleaf has developed a software platform that allows to manage reforestation services in an automated way. MPS Monitor integrates this technology into its printing device monitoring solution. In this way, Dealers who use MPS Monitor can offer interested customers the opportunity to take concrete action in favor of the environment by activating the PrintReleaf service.

Specifically, MPS Monitor transmits the data from the monitored devices to the PrintReleaf platform, which automatically compensates for paper consumption with the planting of trees in different areas of the world, based on a ratio of 8,333 sheets of paper per tree. In this way, also thanks to the joint action of MPS Monitor customers, PrintReleaf contributes to Trillion Trees, the platform launched by the World Economic Forum to plant a trillion trees in support of the United Nations Decade 2021-2030 for the restoration of the ecosystem. Scientists estimate that reforestation can contribute up to a third of the emission reductions demanded by 2030 to meet the Paris targets.

Joining MPS Monitor and PrintReleaf therefore means helping a very important cause: planting 10 million trees by 2030 in areas such as Madagascar, Ireland, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, India, Canada, Brazil and the United States, which can thus count on continuous reforestation action. The areas where to activate the process of new tree plantings can be selected directly on the PrintReleaf platform.

The reforestation projects are certified by SGS International, an international certification body that verifies the 100% net survival of the forests managed by PrintReleaf’s partner organizations. These partners employ local staff and thus promote job opportunities in rural areas. In this way, PrintReleaf’s planting projects generate value both in terms of environmental and social sustainability.

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