MIPS Informatica improves its customers’ business (and its own) with MPS Monitor

MIPS Informatica has been operating in the Information Technology sector since 1992. Headquartered in Genoa with offices in Florence, over the years the company has built up a structured and reliable organization specializing in the implementation of efficient solutions for printing and digitizing documents. It caters to companies in a variety of vertical sectors, enabling them to make the most of their technology investments by dedicating their resources to the most strategic aspects of the business. 

The company boasts a team of over 30 professionals, who have, over the years, acquired solid skills in technical and system support in the field of Managed Print Services and IT services.

Currently, the Ligurian Dealer has “All-In” monitoring of more than 1,500 printers and MFPs and more than 20,000 cyber security software licenses on servers and clients. Strengthened by its resources and its consolidated relationship with the main producers of hardware and software technologies, MIPS Informatica now supports companies in different markets that have dynamic and increasingly complex needs, also following the changes that occurred with the pandemic.

MIPS Informatica looks to the future with its feet firmly rooted in the present,” says Luca Marini, founder of the company. “For thirty years we have been very attentive to technological evolutions: this allows us to guarantee value to our customers, proposing the most suitable solutions for their needs and at the same time keeping their installations efficient.”

MPS Monitor: a solution that accompanies growth

MIPS Informatica has been in the printing solutions market since 2006, initially as an exclusive dealer of Konica Minolta. Over the years, the company has implemented services for other brands in the printing industry, such as Canon, Kyocera and Epson, significantly increasing the range of devices managed.

In addition to the proprietary control system initially used, it has proved necessary over time to evaluate a new and more open printer and MFP monitoring system. After several trials, MIPS Informatica selected MPS Monitor and its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for remote print device management and Managed Print Services nearly 12 years ago. A decisive element for this selection was the possibility to easily integrate the data collected by the monitoring solution with the data of the company’s management system, through an agent installed on the customer’s device. 

In particular, the comprehensive and easy-to-use MPS Monitor 2.0 environment provides users with visual and interactive access to data and is fundamental to MIPS Informatica’s business on a daily basis, at a time when the provision of managed print services is now predominantly through “Pay-per-Use” and “Cost-Page” contracts. 

In addition, MIPS Informatica today is successfully using Analytics, the complete Business Intelligence platform of MPS Monitor based on Microsoft PowerBI technology; thanks to it, MIPS Informatica can better manage its operations, make quick and effective decisions in a reliable and secure way and provide its customers with real-time answers.

The Results

After 12 years of use, supported by the expertise of MPS Monitor’s consultants, we can say that this cloud-based print monitoring and management solution, which is completely reliable and able to bring efficiency to our in-house as well, has literally transformed our business,” says Luca Marini. 

Today, MIPS Informatica manages about 2300 alerts on its customers’ individual devices and has shipped them about 3600 consumables in the last year. For the Ligurian company, monitoring and management of printing systems have generated savings of around 100 thousand euros in the costs of raw materials, shipments and working times. In particular, MIPS Informatica has been able to unify the transport of materials under stock, quickly manage the rotation of consumable products by reducing the inventory and save processing time and delivery, to the benefit of customers.

MPS Monitor has very quickly become an irreplaceable daily work tool for our company. Thanks to its user friendliness, it is easily used by the entire team of the Print&Solutions Division, which can thus very effectively share work, optimizing time and resources.” 

The future

The advanced reporting and Business Intelligence features integrated in MPS Monitor 2.0 allow the creation of an analysis environment tailored to the specific needs of dealers, who can then make quick and effective business decisions: this, according to MIPS Informatica, is the key to acquiring the management of new printer fleets.

And it is precisely these functionalities that are recognized by the Dealer as a value for the strategic choices of the future. “We will be very happy to use the new implementations that MPS will develop, certain that the security of the solution and the use of the Business Intelligence platform will allow our company to gain a significant competitive advantage in the market,” explains Marini.

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