MPS Monitor announces full integration of HP SDS Cloud DCA into the leading Device Management platform

Dealers can now remotely monitor and manage all supported HP FutureSmart devices without installing any DCA on the customer’s network

MPS Monitor®, the company that develops and distributes the leading platform for the remote monitoring and management of printers and multifunctional devices, announces the native integration of the newest HP technology, the SDS Cloud DCA. This feature allows HP devices running FutureSmart firmware (version or later) to connect and interact with the cloud without the need for any on-premises connector or other local components. The integration is immediately available to all MPS Monitor 2.0 users worldwide.
MPS Monitor’s Cloud DCA integration ensures to Managed Print Services Providers maximum reliability and service continuity for their customers, as HP devices with supported FutureSmart firmware are permanently connected with the cloud, regardless of the presence of a DCA on the customer’s network. By activating the HP SDS Cloud DCA, dealers can monitor and manage their customers’ supported devices remotely and comprehensively, lightening all constraints and operational costs of installing and maintaining DCAs.

HP Partners and Resellers can now eliminate inefficiencies in their service processes, providing customers the benefit of all the SDS platform’s advanced capabilities: meter reading, consumable levels, alert management, device reboot, firmware upgrade, remote EWS access, service requests, security policies, remote configuration, and more.

DCAs, even if clustered, can become a point of failure for the entire Remote Monitoring and Management infrastructure. When a DCA is down, the Dealer does not receive data on meters and consumables. As a consequence, invoicing of pages and supplies shipments are mpacted. Moreover, remote service and maintenance operations are not available in the absence of a valid and active local connector. A simple PC or Server shutdown, or maintenance may negatively affect an entire Managed Print Service engagement and create customer dissatisfaction.

Through HP SDS Cloud DCA, devices exchange data continuously with the cloud, without any external interference due to on-premises component failures. Dealers can take advantage of the continuous availability of all the SDS platform’s advanced capabilities, while reducing their Managed Print Services operations costs.

HP SDS Cloud DCA can be activated easily in the MPS Monitor Portal for all managed HP FutureSmart Devices having Internet access and running FutureSmart Firmware version or later. It also supports a mixed environment, where in the same customer is present one or more on-premises MPS Monitor DCA connectors. If the on-premises connector fails or is deactivated, the devices connected to HP SDS Cloud DCA will continue to be monitored and managed in the same way and with no interruption.

“We’re very proud and happy to announce to our users the immediate availability of this revolutionary technology in MPS Monitor 2.0. Our vision of the Internet of Printers leverages all HP SDS features to improve and optimize service management operations for HP Partners. Our journey through the SDS 1.0 and 2.0 evolution has been extremely successful so far, allowing thousands of Partners to manage remotely hundreds of thousands of HP devices all over the world. Now Cloud DCA brings the SDS experience to a new level, allowing fleet managers to forget all the problems coming from DCA management, to save resources and to focus on operational excellence”, says Nicola De Blasi, CEO of MPS Monitor.

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