Future-proof Managed Print Services with the highest security level: MPS Monitor’s vision

“In the Spotlight” podcast by Quocirca 

The traditional printing industry and printing processes managed by Managed Print Service providers for their customers are evolving under the pressure of key trends related to cloud, security, home printing and quest for advanced analytics. 

Nicola De Blasi, CEO of MPS Monitor, outlines the company’s vision for future-proof Managed Print Services contributing to the podcast series “In the Spotlight” produced by Quocirca, the global market insight and research firm specialised in the printing industry. 

In particular, in a dedicated podcast episode, Nicola De Blasi discusses with Louella Fernandes, Director of Quocirca, highlighting:

  • how print management is evolving to support the security demands of the hybrid work environment
  • how MPS Monitor is working with Dealers and MPS providers to help them gain deep insight into their customers’ print environments
  • how MPS Monitor’s platform is moving to a cloud DCA model and how this approach compares to the approach based on on-premises connectors
  • how MPS Monitor’s integration with Okta and how the single-sign-on identity management process works in the print environments
  • how MPS Monitor is demonstrating to the market its strong investments aimed at increasing the level of security of the platform, agents and all device monitoring processes.


Watch Quocirca’s podcast “In the Spotlight” with Nicola De Blasi:

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