Securing your Managed Print Services: why security is a top priority and why MPS providers need to care about it

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In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of Managed Print Services (MPS), prioritizing security is paramount. With the adoption of cloud print and remote technologies, new vulnerabilities surface, while compliance requirements become increasingly stringent. As organizations diligently assess SaaS platforms, they seek MPS providers that adhere to rigorous security standards.

Then, the adoption of MPS software is no longer solely based on expected ROI but also on its ability to ensure the security of the print environment. The complexity of MPS security demands a comprehensive approach, performing routine penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, continuous monitoring, having mitigation and disaster recovery plans, and adhering to recognized security standards.

Dealers and MPS Providers must treat these as essential prerequisites for the SaaS platforms integrated into their services. Data Collection Agents (DCAs) are no exceptions, residing within the network infrastructure while maintaining continuous connectivity to the SaaS cloud service. This connectivity involves data exchange, command reception, software updates, and, in some instances, external user access, amplifying the potential for security vulnerabilities.

In our latest Technical Whitepaper we explore how MPS Monitor ensures the utmost confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, empowering dealers to concentrate on their clientele and core operational functions. Moreover, the publication examines certifications, security protocols, disaster recovery strategies, software integrity measures, and other pivotal aspects of our platform. By reading this insightful resource, MPS providers can find useful details on how they can meet the print security challenges while improve their services and add more value for their customers.

The four sections of the whitepaper cover different topics, including:

  1. the core features of MPS Monitor platform, emphasizing the comprehensive security policy, from data privacy to security strategies
  2. the security landscape within the software and cloud components, highlighting operational security measures, and protocols related to user authentication
  3. the intricacies of Data Collection Agents for network-connected devices and DCA requirements
  4. the integration capabilities with HP Smart Device Services.

MPS Monitor offers an unparalleled commitment to security, rigorously scrutinized, and endorsed by reputable independent third-party organizations. With full compliance to stringent security standards and certifications, including ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, and CSA Star Level 2, the platform’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) extends its security features to benefit dealers and clients, facilitating GDPR compliance and addressing the rigorous requirements for handling personal data.

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MPS Monitor Technical Whitepaper