MPS Monitor supports cloud and hybrid working trends as identified by recent Quocirca report

MPS Monitor 2.0 supports the key trends in cloud printing as identified by a recent report entitled ‘The Cloud Print Services Market Landscape, 2022’. The report has been published by Quocirca, the print industry’s leading source of independent market insight and advisory services.

The report comes at a time when public and private sector organisations are considering how the cloud can best address print-related challenges including security, support for hybrid-working models and simplified maintenance, while ensuring that sustainability goals are met.

The report notes the increase in cloud adoption, with 20% of companies stating that they expect their IT infrastructure to be fully in the cloud by 2025. This transition is fueling interest in the cloud print services market, as more organisations recognise the cost and efficiency gains to be realised by being less dependent on on-premises print servers.

Perhaps most importantly given increasingly sophisticated online threats, organisations recognised the enhanced security delivered by cloud printing platforms, with over half of respondents considering cloud printing to be more secure than an on-premises platform.

At the heart of this transition to cloud-based print are MPS organisations. Of the organisations that responded, 40% claimed that a move to a cloud print management platform was a top benefit of MPS adoption.

MPS Monitor 2.0 help dealers and MPS resellers improve service levels and reduce costs, it also helps to optimise dealer operations and improve overall service margins. Being cloud-based since its inception, has given MPS Monitor the scalability and flexibility to quickly and easily accommodate the changes imposed upon businesses globally by the pandemic – such as the move to the hybrid working model – which has changed how and where print happens, how it is managed and how it is accounted for.

MPS Monitor 2.0 supports many of the trends identified in Quocirca’s report. For instance, with MPS Monitor, DCAs are supported on most server, client and appliance platforms and Embedded DCAs are available for most MFP brands. BI is implemented as an embedded and integral component of the platform without any external account or access.