MPS Monitor and PrintReleaf: a partnership worth 31,880 trees

31,880. That is the number of trees planted worldwide to compensate for the 265,653,004 pages printed in 3 years using the devices monitored by MPS Monitor and PrintReleaf, an organization that aims to neutralize the environmental impact of printing processes through a certification system and a software platform to make reforestation automatic. In August 2019 alone, PrintReleaf planted 784 new trees to balance the 6,535,344 pages printed using the devices monitored by MPS Monitor.

MPS Monitor has been integrating PrintReleaf technology into its printing device monitoring solution since 2016, and there are now many dealers using MPS Monitor who, in agreement with their customers, have activated the reforestation service. PrintReleaf has thus been able to rebalance the use of an impressive amount of paper with the planting of thousands of trees worldwide, based on a ratio of 8,333 sheets of paper per tree.

Specifically, MPS Monitor transmits data from the monitored devices to PrintReleaf, which automatically compensates for paper consumption by reforestation. For each MPS Monitor user company taking advantage of the service, PrintReleaf then provides certification for the planting done on its behalf.

A truly global operation: thanks to the partnership between MPS Monitor and PrintReleaf, Madagascar now has 20,067 new trees, Mexico 3,663, Ireland 3,489, the Dominican Republic 3,444, India 758, Brazil 414 and the United States 45.

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