MPS Monitor offers value beyond traditional Device Management: IDC’s take on our company’s strategy and plans

IDC, the global provider of market intelligence for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, recently had a deep look into MPS Monitor to analyze the solution and its strategy in light of the print industry’s current market situation and emerging needs.

In the analysis, IDC underlined some key trends impacting the specific market: remote device management is considered more critical to gain greater control of hardcopy output infrastructure and better visibility into print volumes and spending. The Covid-19 pandemic forced companies to aggressively adopt Cloud-based tools and solutions under the pressing need to create stable and secure work-from-home (WFH) environments.

According to IDC, with its unique characteristics, MPS Monitor responds to the emerging needs of dealers’ and customers’ print infrastructures. In particular, IDC states:

“With its cloud-based architecture, vendor-agnostic approach, security focus, and direct integration with HP Inc.’s Smart Device Services (SDS) and Microsoft Universal Print (UP), MPS Monitor is uniquely positioned to help meet the evolving needs of the hybrid workforce.”


IDC sees MPS Monitor’s primary value proposition in these four key areas:

  • Cloud-Native Architecture: MPS Monitor was built natively as a cloud-based solution, and this brings distinct advantages in driving feature deployment and supporting deep integration efforts. This positions the platform very well in a context where most hardcopy vendors and ISVs are moving print processes to the cloud. Businesses of all sizes are looking at the cloud for a secure print solution for the emerging hybrid workforce.

  • Vendor-Agnostic Solution: MPS Monitor can be used to monitor and manage devices from multiple manufacturers, with most organizations having a complex print fleet grown organically over time to include multiple brands and a mix of devices.

  • Security: MPS Monitor adopts a holistic approach to security, leveraging on an advanced multiplatform Data Collection Agent, a flexible cloud infrastructure, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliance, and features like secure authentication, SSO, and printer policy management. This approach responds to dealers’ requirements that are cautious of exposing sensitive customer data when migrating to cloud-based solutions.

  • Partnerships and Integration: MPS Monitor has partnered with a variety of technology companies to provide embedded connectivity or direct integration with key applications and systems in the document solutions space. Specifically, integration with HP Smart Devices Services 2.0 allows HP partners to remotely diagnose and fix many hardware problems without any onsite intervention, while integration with Microsoft Universal Print allows customers with legacy print devices to connect directly into Microsoft’s cloud-based print management service.

Download the “MPS Monitor’s IDC Vendor Profile” by IDC


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