MPS Monitor 2.0 receives the BLI 2021 Pick Award for Outstanding Fleet Management Solution from Keypoint Intelligence

The leading remote monitoring platform has been awarded as Outstanding Fleet Management Solution by the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging software, hardware, and services.

MPS Monitor®, a worldwide leader in Remote Monitoring and Management of printers and multifunction devices, has been awarded for MPS Monitor 2.0, its SaaS Cloud platform, as Outstanding Fleet Management Solution in the Document Imaging Software category of the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2021 Pick and Outstanding Achievement Awards from Keypoint Intelligence.

These coveted honours acknowledge products or capabilities that stand out for attributes such as innovation, usefulness, or value. After a challenging and rigorous test cycle by Keypoint Intelligence analysts, MPS Monitor 2.0 has been recognized for its effective features, supporting dealers in their competitive marketplace, helping them with BI reports for fast decision making, in order to serve their customers quickly and profitably, as well as with administrative tools to easily create and manage contracts and invoices. Moreover, the BLI Award has recognized the value of the recent integration with Universal Print by Microsoft, allowing dealers and Managed Print Services providers to help their customers move their print infrastructure to the Microsoft 365 cloud and have all their print fleet managed by a single SaaS platform.

“MPS Monitor 2.0 comes with a wealth of fleet management features that can help Dealers and MPS providers make fast, data-driven decisions, provide proactive service, and optimize their business. The solution can remotely track vital details about their fleet, such as device status, meter counts, and consumables levels, and alert Dealers when a problem arises – or sometimes before it occurs,” explains the BLI 2021 Pick Awards Announcement from Keypoint Intelligence.

In details, the BLI 2021 Pick Award recognises MPS Monitor 2.0 as Outstanding Fleet Management Solution thanks to its:

  • Ability to support the wider needs of fleet managers through invoice and contract creation as well as the automation of consumables shipping logistics;
  • Ability to empower fleet managers so they can provide proactive customer service via notifications, at-a-glance consumable levels, and in-depth device data;
  • Integration of the Microsoft Power BI data analysis system to help dealers drum up new sales opportunities and control costs;
  • Scalable, cloud-based nature, which provides users with access to their data from anywhere.

The BLI 2021 Pick Award article for MPS Monitor is available for download at this link.

“Working with documents is increasingly a digital process, especially in the age of Covid-19,” said Lee Davis, Associate Director of Software/Scanners at Keypoint Intelligence. “Businesses are leveraging all kinds of software and services to supplement their existing document hardware, pushing their productivity to the max. For the last year, we’ve been testing a wide range of these solutions, from print and fleet management solutions that enable businesses to control costs and optimize efficiency, to full blown content management and workflow platforms that can automate entire business processes. Today, we honor the standout performers for their productivity-enhancing features and exceptional value, ease of use, and other key attributes: MPS Monitor 2.0 is certainly among these”.

“We’ve watched the MPS Monitor fleet management system mature over many years, and the latest incarnation gives dealers everything they need to monitor devices, analyze device use, proactively monitor and ship consumables, and even create contracts and invoices,” said Andrew Unsworth, Consulting Editor at Keypoint Intelligence. “The solution embraced cloud technology from the start, empowering its users to access device data anywhere, and it has consistently provided customers with a flexible array of DCAs to support their business.”

“We’re so proud to receive the BLI Pick Award from Keypoint  Intelligence today, which seals a challenging but really exciting year, full of confirmations from one of the industry’s most trusted resource for unbiased information, analysis, and awards”, said Nicola De Blasi, CEO of MPS Monitor Srl. “This achievement is a further step towards the recognition of MPS Monitor 2.0 as a global solution for enhancing productivity and digital transformation of the whole print and imaging industry”.

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