HP Smart Device Services webinars by MPS Monitor

MPS Monitor SDS: free webinars on the new SaaS solution that gives immediate access to HP Smart Device Services

HP Partners can attend a webinar in date and time at their convenience, and learn how to activate online a new SaaS service that provides full HP Smart Device Services access, with dedicated offers starting from a free version


Milan, 29th September 2017 – MPS Monitor announces the availability of a number of free HP Smart Device Services webinars, to allow HP Partners from all the world to discover how easily they can leverage the financial and operational advantages provided by the adoption of the HP SDS services integrated in MPS Monitor solution. The webinars will be of 50 minutes each and will be held in various dates and timings, to allow people from different timezones to find their most convenient schedule.

MPS Monitor is a worldwide leader in the printer monitoring market and is one of the three ISVs that have implemented a full integration with HP Smart Device Services; the integration of all five HP SDS Use Cases was available in MPS Monitor since April 2017, and is already used by many HP Partners to manage more than 3000 devices on more than 350 customers. The platform is available worldwide in 5 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.

MPS Monitor SDS is also the only solution that provides to the HP Partners’ ecosystem a completely self-consistent solution for HP Smart Device Services. In fact, since beginning of September 2017 a specific version of MPS Monitor is available to fulfill the needs of the HP Partners that wish to leverage immediately all the financial and operating advantages offered by HP Smart Device Services (SDS), but aren’t willing to adopt a full monitoring solution for their Managed Print Services environment.

The MPS Monitor SDS solution allows HP Partners to start providing HP SDS services to customers straight away. Partners have exclusive access to the SaaS features provided by HP through a dedicated Portal and specific cost-effective subscriptions that are extremely easy and fast to activate. Using HP SDS SaaS features is simple and straightforward, and does not require specific skills or training.

HP Partners of any size can access MPS Monitor SDS by choosing from 7 different subscriptions, starting from a free version that offers the complete range of SDS features on up to 50 HP printing devices. For larger needs, HP Partners may choose the most appropriate option, starting from MPS Monitor SDS Mini, which can manage up to 200 devices at a cost of 99€ (about 115US$)/month. It can be scaled up to 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 devices. Partners who manage more than 3,000 devices for their customers may request a customized quotation. Partners using MPS Monitor SDS can activate, cancel or modify their subscription online using the MPS Monitor SDS Portal.

The HP Smart Device Services webinars will demonstrate the main features and functions of HP SDS, and will be available to HP Partners in EMEA, Americas and Asia-Pacific regions, in several dates during October 2017. The webinar dates for each region are available in the following registration pages:


For more information on MPS Monitor for HP Smart Device Services, please visit this page: www.mpsmonitor.com/sds

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