New features in MPS Monitor SDS

MPS Monitor SDS: remote maintenance and proactive support on HP printers

New Cloud functionalities by HP Smart Device Services allow HP Partners to perform remote diagnosis and repairs, thus reducing on-site activities, cutting costs and improving levels of service.

Milan, 18 April 2018 – MPS Monitor SDS, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for remote management of printers and Managed Print Services, has released today a new version that achieves the concepts of remote maintenance and proactive support on HP printing devices, revolutionizing the technical support services on printers and multifunction devices. This innovative stride is the result of the full integration into MPS Monitor of all the functions available on HP Smart Device Services platform: a goal achieved thanks to the close cooperation between HP and Oberon Service, MPS Monitor’s sister company participating in the solution development team.

Already available within the MPS Monitor SDS platform, the new functionalities allow HP partners and dealers to take care of their customers with a superior level of service: printer fleet managers now have extremely advanced and innovative tools for remote hardware management, diagnosis and problem solving, thus reducing effort and costs for maintenance operations, improving service levels and maximising the Customer satisfaction.

Device Configuration and Remote Remediation functions allow dealers and maintenance teams to manage, configure and update all the printers installed at their customer’s premises without having to go on site, while Diagnose before Dispatch allows to diagnose remotely most hardware problems in devices, so that maintenance teams can pro-actively dispatch an on-site technician only when actually needed, and solve problems at first intervention (First Time Fix). Remote Embedded Web Server Access provides the service staff with a permanent and secure remote access to the printer’s Embedded Web Server, without any need to activate a VPN or other remote access to the customer’s network.

MPS Monitor SDS allows to reduce drastically the number of incoming Customer enquiries to technical support teams, avoiding unneeded telephone calls and emails, speeding up the response time and simplifying maintenance processes. A proactive device monitoring enables to perform remote diagnosis long before the Customer calls to report a hardware issue, thus reducing machine downtime and repeated interventions for the same problem. In addition, if an intervention requires parts replacement, the SDS system allows to identify accurately the needed parts and, thanks to an integration with supplier systems, to check availability and location of parts in real time, reducing procurement times.

“With the release of proactive support and remote maintenance for HP devices, MPS Monitor has confirmed its leadership position in remote monitoring and management of printing devices; HP partners and dealers all over the world can now implement more efficient and cost-effective processes for managing their technical support and Customer services” says Nicola De Blasi, CEO of MPS Monitor Srl.

“Thanks to the close partnership between Oberon Service and HP, we are now able to create true innovation in the processes that provide support and maintenance for printers, supplying our Customers with the most advanced technologies that HP has integrated in Smart Device Services”, notes Giorgio Gesi, CEO of Oberon Service. “We plan to continue integrating within MPS Monitor all the future functionalities of the HP SDS platform, so that we can always provide the maximum value and most innovative technology to HP partners and dealers worldwide”.

HP partners and resellers of any size in any part of the world can access MPS Monitor SDS cloud service, by choosing between different subscriptions, starting from a free version that offers the complete range of HP Smart Device Services and can be used to manage up to 50 HP printing devices at no cost.

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